Chapter Zero Egypt Hosts Sarah Duff of the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

International Climate Adaptation Finance Seminar

Cairo 22nd May, 2024:

Chapter Zero Egypt hosted Ms. Sarah Duff, Principal Climate Strategy & Delivery – Sustainable Business & Infrastructure at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) who presented “International Climate Adaptation Finance,” and provided valuable insights into the pressing issues of climate adaptation, resilience, and physical climate risks for companies and infrastructure in Elsewedy Electric premises in May 2024.


Duff expertly covered essential topics, focusing on how businesses can adapt to climate change and the critical role of organizations such as the EBRD in providing support and adaptation finance. Her presentation delved into the various aspects related to international climate adaptation finance and its implications for sustainable business and infrastructure.


The session provided an enlightening discussion on Strategies for climate adaptation and building resilience and how companies can assess and manage physical climate risks in their strategies companies and for infrastructure projects.  Duff also delved into the importance of adaptation finance and the role of international organizations. She presented specific case studies and examples of successful climate adaptation projects supported by the EBRD as well as practical guidance for businesses on navigating climate challenges and leveraging available resources. The seminar was highly engaging and offered participants practical insights into navigating climate challenges. Duff’s expertise and the comprehensive content of the session provided a thorough understanding of the steps companies can take to adapt to and prepare for climate change.


Chapter Zero Egypt is the first in Africa & the Middle East and the 27th of the Climate Governance Initiative’s global network to promote the adoption of the Principles for Effective Climate Governance published by the WEF in 2019. Its launch was supported by the EBRD to equip Board members with skills and knowledge to make addressing climate change a boardroom priority and provides a platform for dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among business leaders to drive sustainable growth in the face of evolving environmental challenges.


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