Climate Change

Chapter Zero Egypt (CZE) is an Egyptian Association registered under Law #149 for the year 2019 and is part of the global Climate Governance Initiative, an initiative in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. It is a competence development initiative for supervisory bodies of companies.

Chapter Zero Egypt (CZE) aims to educate and activate board members to include climate issues in companies’ strategies and encourage the transition to net-zero emissions.  Members of the boards and eminent experts in the field of climate strategies of companies are invited to take part to become aware of climate issues in companies’ strategies.  Board Members, top managers and eminent experts in the field of climate governance and climate strategies of companies are stakeholders.  They will have access to expert knowledge with resources from around the world as well as consult and become informed on new local and international regulations.  Such participation will ensure involvement within the international sustainable community.  Members will have the opportunity to take advantage of the experience of companies advanced in the topic of climate change from Egypt and around the globe with participation in local and international meetings, exchanging expertise & knowledge with other members and building a unique proficiency in topics related to climate risk mitigation as well as sharing in the decision-making process.

The Chapter Zero Egypt (CZE) initiative is being driven and governed by a Board of Directors and Executive Board with the support from partners and supporters, academia, founding executive & non-executive directors.

Set-up of the Chapter Zero Egypt Association is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).